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First Time Diving – DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) Program

by Tomas Kupetis
Nardymas pirmą kartą - discover scuba dive padi programa

You are young as long as you have “first times”. Some of them are attractive, some are dreadful, about others you do not even think about. Dear reader, as you are reading this post, you are most likely ready or getting ready to dive in for the first time.

As a scuba diving instructor at the PADI organization, I will quickly introduce you to the PADI program called Discover Scuba Diving (DSD), created for the first time divers, or for those who do not hold a scuba diving certificate. People from 10 to 99 years old are welcome to participate in this program. Every scuba diving center has different  realization opportunities for this program and choices. There are few options: to only dive in a pool, combine pool + beach, or just dive off a beach. The later is the most popular among the first time divers, therefore I will tell how I scuba dive with my guests.

DSD contains of three parts: theory, practice from a dive boat and practice off a beach. All the parts are interesting and exciting.

  1. Theory. On a boat to the diving place, you are introduced to a theoretical part: main scuba diving rules, the signs you need to learn to communicate underwater, a step-by-step guide to diving, you get answers to all your questions.  So before diving to the water, all are 100 % morally prepared.
  2. Practice from a dive boat. Introduction to the diving equipment, trying it on, learning few simple and practical exercises, that might be useful for scuba diving. For example, how to clean the mask underwater.
  3. Practice off a beach. During the first practical part of diving off a beach, we perform few exercises of 10 to 15 min. long, and later continue to dive to the coral reefs. During the second dive, no exercises are performed, only a nice recreational dive.

In Ao Nang we often scuba dive near the Phi Phi islands, however there is also an opportunity to dive near the local Ao Nang islands. I always help to choose the best scuba diving places for my guests. The maximum depth for scuba diving is 12 metres. One diving instructor can take two first time divers with himself. Two guests for each of the instructor’s hand 🙂

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