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It will surprise you: 8 interesting facts about food in Thailand

by Tomas Kupetis
8 faktai apie maista tailande
  1. For eating Thais use fork and spoon, however the main cutlery is spoon. In Thailand, a fork is like a knife in Europe, it is not polite to eat with a fork, same as putting a knife into the mouth in Europe.  Chop sticks are used for eating noodles. Chop sticks came from China hundreds of years ago;
  2. Traditionally food is shared in the family, only everyone has their own rice, all other dishes are shared;
  3. In Thailand, people do not use ovens. Only rich people and Europeans have ovens in their kitchens;
  4. It is popular to share food pictures on Facebook. Thais are not an exception, especially a younger generation. However everyone are crazy about it;
  5. There is no difference between breakfast, lunch and dinner in Thailand, same dishes are eaten any time;
  6. Thais drink beer with ice. We often joke that the first indication of becoming Thai is when you start drinking beer with ice;
  7. It is rude to belch by the table – disrespecting yourself, food and people around you;
  8. Ice cream sandwich – in between two slices of white bread for toasting they put two scoops of homemade coconut ice cream and sprinkle it all with tinned corn, sometimes tops up with rice or peanuts. Do try this!

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