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Food Prices in Thailand

by Tomas Kupetis
Skanaus! Tailandietiški blynai su bananais

We often come across a very practical question – what is the food cost in Thailand? This question does not have average answers, so we decided here to represent the amplitudes of different products dishes. These are not the prices in the restaurants, but prices of the street food and local cafes.

  • Dishes made from pasta or rice 50-80 THB;
  • Fresh fruit salad 50-70 THB;
  • Portion of rice 5-20 THB;
  • Various street food no more than 100 THB;
  • Seafood (fish, squids, shrimps) 100-200 THB;
  • European cuisine (pizza, steaks, etc.) 150-300 THB;
  • Lemonades (Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite) 15-25 THB;
  • Fresh fruit smoothie (Fruit Shake) 20-50 THB;
  • Water 10-20 THB;
  • Beer (local, big 0.65 L) 60-100 THB;
  • Alcoholic cocktails  100-180 THB;
  • Cigarettes 45-150 THB;
  • Imported alcoholic beverages ~30-40% more expensive than in Lithuania.

For our 4 member family (2 adults, 2 kids) eating out costs from 160 THB to 1000 THB, the usual total amount comes to around 250 THB.

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